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Automatic Evisceration
BAYLE SA can propose a complete
range of tools and material for semi-
automatic evisceration operations.

Semi-automatic evisceration: To
facilitate evisceration BAYLE
manufactures a complete range of
hand tools. Vent cutter - pneumatic
scissors ? vacuum lung gun ?
equipment to remove chicken
intestine. For evisceration, BAYLE
manufactures working platform ?
transport belt ? equipment to remove
waste by vacuum or air.
Automatic Evisceration for Chickens
BAYLE has a complete range of EV
machines for chickens.

The machines are suitable for existing
or new lines from 1000 chicken per
hour.Each carousel has a number of
working stations on the central
cylinder which holds the chicken in
the correct way for the operation
being carried out.

The number of working stations is
determined by the speed of the line
and the pitch of the conveyor 6 or 8.

This equipment is suitable for all
types of chicken and guinea fowl.
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