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During the first four days of their lives
(the brooding period), chicks are
unable to regulate their own body
temperature. Their proper growth
and development therefore depends
on the climate that poultry farmers
create for them. Achieving the
perfect combination of air and floor
temperatures, air velocity and
humidity levels that lead to superior
chick quality can be quite difficult. If
these variables are not exactly right,
the result is delayed chick start-up,
lower uniformity and uncertainty
about future growth curves.

HatchBrood - complete control
during brooding
HatchBrood balances and controls all
of the crucial environmental variables
during the brooding period, ensuring
that all chicks maintain a uniform and
optimum body temperature.

Improved field results
A carefully controlled brooding
environment has been proven to
deliver better results, both early and
late in the production process. At
four days, there is a lower mortality
rate, increased uniformity and better
growth. What’s more, final technical
results are more predictably superior.

Lower energy use
Compared to traditional broiler
houses in which a high m3 air volume
has to be conditioned, HatchBrood
uses a significantly lower amount of
energy. The system also has lower
CO2 emissions, which helps make
poultry farming more sustainable
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