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Why are we doing all we can to hatch
a perfect chicken, but do we not
take care of the chicken during

HatchTraveller - maintaining quality
on the road
During the first days of its life, a
chick is unable to regulate its own
body temperature. Because of this,
perfect transport conditions are
necessary to maintain chick quality
when delivering them from the
hatchery to the poultry house. If the
chick’s body temperature is kept at a
constantly stable 104°F, it will not
have to waste valuable nutritional
energy - which is a key factor in
safeguarding chick quality during

Maximizing chick quality
The HatchTraveller is equipped with a
unique climate-control system that is
based on HatchTech’s laminar airflow
technology and patented perforated
radiators. The system ensures that
the temperature of every chick in
the truck is kept at a constant 104°F
- the neutral body temperature zone
which enables chicks to make
optimum use of its nutrients (yolk).
This gives it the best start possible
for growth and ongoing development,
so that it can later achieve its full
growth potential.

Increased transport capacity
In the unique HatchTraveller
concept, chick baskets are placed
side-by-side - no space in between is
required. This makes it possible to
transport significantly more day-old
chicks - up to 30% per truckload -
compared to traditional transport
systems of equal dimensions. What’s
more, when baskets are in this side-
by-side position, the treated air is
automatically forced through the
baskets, and is not deflected around
them. When air passes evenly and
directly by the chick, it makes it
much easier for the chick to release
its own heat, and stay at the ideal
104°F at all times.
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